The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Product Development

Every decision is a value proposition.

– Andrea Belz

Learn the Secrets Behind World-Class Product Development

In a world overloaded with new products and services, making a single offering stand out is a Herculean task. Or is it? Market leaders are developing innovative processes that all but guarantee the success of their new products–and now their secrets are available to you.

The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Product Development gives you the critical edge in a product-saturated world. Presenting the most current marketing tools and best practices, it provides proven methods behind successful product development, along with case studies from the most creative companies of our time–Apple, Google, Cisco, Toyota, Pixar, and many others.  This easy, self-paced “course” puts you on the fast track to making your dream product a success.  With its “MBA-in-a-box” approach combining frequent case studies and straightforward explanations, it’s both a concise and complete guide to product development.



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