Silicon Valley Growing in Los Angeles

In an interview in The Financial Times I discuss the new transformation of Los Angeles with the growth of technology companies.

Andrea Belz interviewed by The Financial Times on Silicon Valley in L.A.

Silicon Valley has a lot to answer for when it comes to branding. The concentration of technology companies near San Francisco has been such a storming success that it spawned a rash of imitators in cities and regions desperate to lure investors – and add some pizzazz – to their own tech corridors.

Consider Silicon Alley in New York, Silicon Fen outside Cambridge or Silicon Roundabout in London. Further afield, there is Silicon Welly (Wellington, New Zealand) Silicon Waidi (Israel) or Silicon Saxony (Germany).

Does the world need another Silicon anything? A growing band of tech, marketing and finance whizzes in Los Angeles thinks it does. With commercial rents falling across the city it has suddenly become affordable to lease space near the golden sands of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Dozens of small start-ups moved in and – hey presto – Silicon Beach was born.

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This might open up doors for new opportunities for technology companies in Los Angeles.

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